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Coventry Muthumariamman

Temple, Unit 1, Durbar Industrial Estate , 60 Durbar Avenue, Coventry, CV6 5LW Tel: 02477113598

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  • Devotees should wash their leg before entering the temple
  • Devotees proceeding the temple should wear Saiva symbols such as holy ash and carry with them coconut, fruits, lemon, Ghee, Oil, Garland, incense and other items of offering to the extent possible
  • Please examine the devotee address book at the front desk and update your mailing address & phone number so that you are ensured of getting all postal mail.
  • As far as possible, please make all payment for pujas by cash or cheque.
  • Kindly turn off cell phones or set them on vibratory mode during puja. Please do not talk during Puja, if you wish to socialise then please go over to the dining area.
  • Kindly consider bringing fresh fruits. As a courtesy to our Amman, while coming to the Temple, Ladies should wear Red Saree and Men are requested to remove their shirt before entering the Temple. Children can wear Pavadai, Chudithar or Half saree. adults are requested to avoid wearing shorts and short skirts when you come to temple
  • On weekdays the Hair Offering puja can be done anytime from 9:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. During weekends, due to a large turnout of visitors, the priests are usually busy with other services. As such, devotees requesting a hair offering service may have to wait some time until a priest becomes available to perform the ceremony. At the time of the hair offering puja, three ceremonial cuts of hair will be removed. The priest will not perform this part of the ritual and the ceremonial cuts must be done by a family member.
  • Sponsor flowers via Donations to Flower Fund.