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Coventry Muthumariamman

Temple, Unit 1, Durbar Industrial Estate , 60 Durbar Avenue, Coventry, CV6 5LW Tel: 02477113598

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Temple History

Coventry Arulmighu Shree  Siva Muthumariamman Devasthanam  is a First Tamil Hindu Temple in Coventry, West Midlands. With the blessings of Divine Mother during the year 2006,  she told the Arulvakku (Oracle) in India to the person Mr Nathan Rahulan – Founder of the Temple that she wished a house of worship built where he is to give her Eternal Grace to her devotees and protect them from harm and tragedies which may befall on our world. Therefore, Shree Siva  Muthumariamman Devasthanam was started by Mr Nathan Rahulan as a “Saiva Samaya Narpani Manram”  during the month of December 2009, where the devotees united and offered prayers to the   ‘pictorial image’ of  Muthumariamman, Vinayagar, Murugar , Valli, Theivanai and  Iyappan, on every Friday and auspicious days  in a Small room (Sports Centre) in Radford, Coventry.


Then the Founder searched for a permanent place to build the temple, where the People can offer prayers every day. After lengthy search and with lots of obstacles and tough days he found the place in 134 Station street west, Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 5ND.


Naturally our weekly poojas continued to take place at the new premises, with a great success.
With the help of the devotees Shrines and idols brought from India and the Annual Festivals continued.


Temple Property lease has come to an end and due to the increase of rent and expenses, which the Temple can’t afford, and it was a tough time for Founder, Priests and Devotees.


Founder searched for the permanent place, where Shree Siva Muthumariamman appeared in the Founder’s dream and showed the new place. Founder finalised the same premises and it continued with the construction of “Balasthapanam”, a young Temple within the Temple premises, to receive the eternal power and the bliss of the Deity from the existing Temple Shrine.


Arulmighu Siva Muthumariamman Devasthanam celebrated the 10th Anniversary during the month of  28th September 2019.


New Temple construction  at the permanent place commenced with Bhoomi Pooja on June 24 2020  followed with a very enlightening ceremony called “Conch-Laying Ceremony” on 4th July 2020 for the shrine of the new Temple.


At the new temple Arulmighu Siva Muthumariamman and Lord Vaitheeswaran (Shivan) are the main sanctorum ,  Varasakthi Vinayagar , Valli, Thaivayanai Sametha Sri Subramaniyar Swami, Shree Kanaga , Navagrahas along with Consorts, Bairavar, Dharma Sastha,Veera Anjaneyar, Shiridi Sai Baba will be placed in different sanctums and Uthsava Murthis will be placed  in Vasantha Mandabam.


Special feature of this temple is that all the deities are with their consorts.

The purificatory rites of the images through various adhivasams where the images are kept in dhaanyam (grains of paddy)- dannyathivasam, jalam (water) Jaladhivasam, offering flowers-Pushpadhivasam,offering of ksheeram (milk), and hanam (gold, silver, etc); and the final adhivasam, called sayanathivasam, which is the resting of the images in new clothes on beds under blankets will be conducted from  27th August 2020 to 29th August 2020  The moola mantra homams (oblations done while reciting the moola mantra for each divinity) are performed on several days to invoke the power of the deities in the images  will be conducted prior to Maha Kumbabishekam.  

Maha Kumbabishekam will be held on 30th August 2020.  

The process of worship in Hinduism invariably involves the use of 3 basic techniques, namely the mantra, the tantra and the yantra. Symbolically, they represent the 3 basic spiritual paths of Hinduism, Images of a deity are just a symbolic representation of an aspect of eternal Truth which must be energized by a Pratishta. The Pratishta at  is guided by Coventry Siva Muthumariamman  herself .The Divine Moth er guides the deity to be installed and the proper auspicious day to install so that the energy can fully manifest and devotees can benefit from the alive deity. Siva  Muthumariamman   taught during the Arul Vakku to the Priest Vijayakumar Sarma,  Nathan Rahulan – Founder of the Temple and Mrs Rahulan  the Siva Muthumariamman  Gayathiri  mantra  (moola mantram) to be chanted during the pooja. We are very fortunate and blessed to be given a very powerful place of Worship by Siva Muthumariamman  that is a high vortex of energy as confirmed by many mystics with so many active vibrations. Divine Mother has given us the opportunity to explore and experience.

Your continued support for this temple project is greatly appreciated. 


Blessings of Almighty goddess Shree  Siva  Muthumariamman  be always with you.